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Still wondering if I am the right fit for you? My client's are my number one priority. Making sure you and your children are happy and comfortable so I can help capture fantastic images for your family. A picture is more than just an image to hang on your wall or post on your social media...It freezes time. Happy, sad, meltdowns, excitement...pictures are our windows to the past, and booking with a photographer that cares is the first class ticket. Check out what past client's have had to say.....

"Amazing personality, and was so good working with my 3 year old! I would highly recommend her to anyone. We have finally found our perfect photographer!" -Amanda H.


"Sarah is absolutely amazing! She recently took our engagement pictures, and we truly couldn't be happier. Her work is beautiful! She was very prompt with her responses, friendly, and easygoing during the shoot. We can't wait to work with her again!" -Cait L.


"When Sarah was in Indiana over Christmas holiday, she took family pictures and ours turned out great.........for once we were all smiling and happy looking - must have been the photographer. Thanks again and hope to do it again when you're here visiting. Keep up the good work." -Nancy N.


"Sarah did wonderful with mine and my sons pictures! My son isn't the easiest to work with because he's a rambunctious toddler, but she was very helpful and patient." -Candace

"Love love love Sarah!! She's absolutely amazing and makes you feel so comfortable with your shoot. I highly recommend her!" -Olivia G.

"We were soooo impressed with CJ Sky Photography! Very professional, very responsive, and very talented!! We can't wait for our next shoot with her!!" -Rachel Z.


"Sarah has done our pictures twice and I've got her coming in July to do my princess's first birthday pictures. She does an amazing job!" -Debbie B.


"I really enjoyed our session with Sarah. She was warm, sweet and very professional. My kids loved her too. Sarah truly cares that you are completely satisfied and love the pictures she takes. She will go to great extents to make sure this is accomplished. I have 3 littles aged 4 and under; she was very patient and flexible with us. She did a great job with our kids. I've seen some sneak peaks of our session and they are great. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!" -Lori M.


"Sarah did such a wonderful job capturing my girls' personalities. She was so patient with my 5 year old and 7 month old. I look forward to her doing our pictures again in the future." -Kimberly S.


"Thank you for your time, professionalism and overall patience. I realize 9 months and 4year olds are probably not the easiest to photograph. You were amazing at getting them to sit still...even for the 30 seconds it took to get the shot. You were also great at rolling with the flow and capturing some awesome candid pictures when we were just being silly. I need to get some need photo frames ASAP because honestly MOST if your pictures will be hanging on our wall soon. Thank you again!!! P.S. Will be hiring you 100% for the babies First Birthday shots AND Charlotte's first day of Kindergarten! Got to book you before you are too busy." -Patty T.


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