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Need to know Policies

Session Retainer: Session retainers are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is also non-negotiable. This is outlined in the contract that you MUST sign and return. If you come to the unfortunate decision that you are unhappy with your session, and require a refund, you will be refunded all fees EXCEPT the retainer.

Forms of Payment: ALL payments MUST be made via PayPal invoice or cash ONLY. Checks and money orders are not accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Credit card payments can be processed onsite through the PayPal system.

Discounts: The photographer has the right to discount sessions at her discretion. Specialty package and mini sessions will not receive discounts. Discounts cannot be combined with any other specially discounted sessions. Your discount will apply to the total balance, but will be applied to the remaining total AFTER the non-refundable retainer fee.

Refunds: In the event that all other solutions have first been exhausted and you are going to be issued a refund, 48 hours is to be given from the time that the refund is requested. This gives the photographer time to issue the proper amount owed to you along with all proper documentation. This goes for partial and full refunds. Session retainers are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is a very important thing for you to remember as a client.

Canceling Your Session: Sessions must be canceled within 48 hours of your session start time. If a refund is required because you are canceling your session, any payment made (with the exception of the retainer) will be refunded. If the session is canceled with less than 48 hours, or you are a no show to your session, you forfeit your full payment, and it will be non-refundable. Session retainers are always non-refundable. In the event that you wish to schedule another session, after a "no show" or a session canceled outside of the 48 hour time constraint, your full payment will be due up front and will be non-refundable. There are minor exceptions on a case by case basis. These exceptions will be only considered if the reasoning behind the cancellation is considered an "Act of God" reason; ie. death, extreme weather, sudden severe illness that cannot warrant a rescheduled session, etc. 

Tardiness to a Session: All sessions are carefully planned to fit your needs as a client and the photographer's business hours. If you are late to a session, you will not be issued a refund for missed time. It is up to the photographer's discretion whether or not to allot "make-up" time for the missing time from the session. The photographer is only required to wait 10 minutes for your arrival to the session before they may leave. In the event a photographer leaves your session due to tardiness, you will be recorded as a "no show" there will be an additional $25 fee added to your total for a reschedule. The remaining payment will be due up front and in full before the rescheduled date. This payment becomes non-refundable. If you choose not to reschedule, your session deposit is forfeited and non-refundable; you will be required to pay your full fee the next time you schedule an appointment with this photographer. 

Rescheduling/Re-Shoot: Any session that needs to be rescheduled, for any reason, must be rescheduled and completed within thirty days. If the session is not scheduled and completed it will be counted as an improper cancellation and cancellation fee and policy (listed above) will apply. Lack of cooperation amongst the participants, will be eligible for a reschedule at the photographer's discretion. Please refer to your contract for this policy.

Social Media: After your session, the photographer will provide a "sneak peek" of your session within 48 hours. These will be watermarked. You may NOT change the images or crop/remove the watermark. Once the full gallery is delivered, your final images will not include a watermark. However, the same policy about extra filters or edits still apply. This includes ALL filters on ANY social media account. The photographer and/or the business; CJ Sky Photography, MUST be credited. Please refer to your Model Release for more detailed information.

RAW or Unedited images: The photographer will not release any raw or unedited images. This policy is final and non negotiable.

Photograph Contests and Advertisements: Before an image can be submitted to a contest or used in an advertisement, it must be approved by the photographer. A watermarked image also must be submitted. If you do not have the watermarked image or need one, the photographer will send one at no cost to you. All image credits are to be given to CJ Sky Photography.

Pets: I am a pet friendly photographer. However, there must be an additional person, outside of the photographed party to assist you with your animal companions. This is to ensure that when we are working with poses that do not include the animals, they will be well cared for and looked after. I do require that leashes are present for all four legged companions, as we do not want them running away. Re-shoots will not be done for pets who do not cooperate.

Gift Voucher: Gift vouchers are available for purchase in any amount with a $10.00 minimum. Certificates are only valid on/before the expiration date listed on the certificate. There must also be a confirmation number with the certificate. Certificates can be digital or mailed. They cannot be redeemed for cash or other monetary value. They cannot be combined with a discounted session or used for specialty sessions. Exceptions to this are at the photographer's discretion.

Events: The photographer will have one contracted party for an event. All communication and requests will be completed with the contracted party only, regardless of financial payment. Any and all images will be delivered to the contracted party ONLY. Refunds will not be issued once final images have been delivered. If the event ends before the contracted time, a refund will not be issued. If an event extends beyond the contracted time, an additional invoice will be sent to the contracted party. No images will be delivered until all payments are complete.